Predam snare Gretsch Renown 14x6

Predam snare Gretsch Renown - Purewood Bubinga 14" x 6" vo velmi dobrom stave. s obycajnymi obrucmi za 200e, s die cast za 260e.

This limited production features 9-ply, 100% Bubinga shells with clear gloss finish. Each 9-ply shell includes a 30-degree bearing edge fitted with die cast hoops and finished with Silver Sealer interiors. Vertical exterior plies are finished in clear gloss to highlight the Bubinga's distinctively rich and complex wood grain.
Gretsch Renown Purewood Bubinga shell packs are limited to 110 pieces worldwide

Cena: 5 119 Kč ~ 200,00 €

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