R'n'R cover - Looking for band mates

Ahoj, hladam ludi do Airbourne cover bandu. Ale som ochotny ist aj do inych kapiel. Napr. Lamb of God, Slayer, Motley crue, Volbeat... atd. (Nieco co este nikto necoveruje)

Na gitaru hram 12 rokou. Ano, uroven Lamb of God, Slayer myslim vazne ( je to na 5 min video call, zistit ako to je...) Za tie roky som vystriedal viacej kapiel. Momentalne hram v groove metalovej kapele, kde robime vlasne veci.
Ale bavi ma hrat covre. Ked som zil na slovensku, tak som v airbourne coveri hral. Chybaju mi tie koncerty. Okrem toho chodim par rokou na hodiny spevu. Ale radsej by som miesto frontmana prenechal niekomu inemu.

What's up, I'm looking for skilled players to form an epic Airbourne cover. Lots of beer, tities, etc. But I'm also willing to cover other bands like Lamb of God, Slayer, Motley Crue, Volbeat, etc.

Playing lead guitar in a band is my joy since high school (12 years). I'm currently playing in a groove metal band. But I miss the cover gigs. I moved to Prague and I'm searching for people willing to play covers live. I also sing, but I rather let someone else to be our frontman

Hit me up for more info

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