Tokai LS80 VF - Japan SD 59

For sale it is a Tokai LS 80 in Violin Finish (VF)
Made in Japan - 2008
Seymour Duncan '59 set (blues set)

1 piece mahogany neck

Mahogony body with solid maple top.

Pickups and electronics upgrades for Seymour Duncan Blues Set ('59 SD 1)
CTS Pots + orange drop

The guitars is in players condition, still with a lot of life in the frets but has marks specially on the back of the body. One ding in the fretboard that does not disturb in the vibratos

This is a Gibson Les Paul '59 on a budget loaded with great pickups.

Cena: 19 500 Kč ~ 756,80 €

Vloženo 16.9. ● Kytary / Elektrické kytary ● Zobrazeno 203x

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